Homeopathy Foundation Course


Homeopathy Foundation Course



This online homeopathy course is an orientation course for the Homeopathy Medical System. It is meant for lay-people, patients, allopathy doctors, nurses, alternative medicine practitioners, and students who wish to know more about Homeopathy before choosing it as a career or before starting homeopathy treatment. The course content has been designed by professional homeopaths and Dr. Manish Bhatia will be your personal guide for the course.

The homeopathy online course has Four Modules, with 60 unique course units which provide in-depth understanding about the basic principles of homeopathy, teach some of the common homeopathic remedies, and answer some of the most common questions by beginners! Not only this, you will be guided for more studies through attached files and links to related books and websites. You will also go through some amazing multiple choice question quizzes to test your knowledge. And when you have finished the course, you will get a certificate online, which you can print as a mark of your successful completion of this online homeopathy course.

Not just that – you retain life-long access to the course and will be able to access all future updates for free to the course in which you enroll.

online homeopathy course correspondence distance learning diplomaIf you are beginning your homeopathic journey as a patient or as a student – this is the course to begin with. The best homeopathy course developed by one of the most loved homeopathy teachers in the world!

20,000 students have already taken these homeopathic courses online. It’s your chance to learn homeopathy from the masters.


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